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"Dr. Shaun Dyler has literally transformed my health! I was achy, lethargic and miserable from allergies (food and airborne)and other health issues when my wife, Lisa got me in to see Dr. Shaun.
He listened carefully, tested me, gave me dietary guidelines and supplied a small assortment of supplements. I saw a big improvement after 1 week. 3 weeks after that first visit I had no signs of the allergies that I had been suffering from for years!
Other health problems that I've suffered with (for years) are slipping away thanks to the care I'm receiving from Dr. Shaun. I really look forward to the monthly visits and the continual improvements in the way I feel on a day to day basis.
Plus, visits to his office are unstressed, his questions and comments are thoughtful and you know that he is really concentrating on you and your health. (A big plus is that he's a really nice guy.)
I visited my (western medicine) physician a couple of days ago and she was really surprised at that improvements to my health. I explained my experience with Dr. Shaun and she excitedly asked me questions about his treatment and took notes. She admitted that she had missed some key points with my previous condition and she jumped onto Dr. Dyler's website while I was still sitting in her office.
I've read Dr. Shaun's book, "Thriving In Mind, Body & Spirit" and I can't recommend it enough.
I thank The Lord every day for the care that I have received through Dr. Shaun Dyler."

Michael Thayer

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Dr. Dyler's Healthy Recipes “ Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.” Hippocrates.
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