Holistic Doctor in King City/Tigard, OR

Address the chronic conditions you have lived with for years the natural way when you establish a connection with a holistic doctor in Tigard, OR. Dr. Shaun Dyler, ND, L.Ac, and his practice are focused on promoting a natural approach to recovery and healing. Whether you are an athlete in need of treatment for a sports injury or an accountant searching for non-invasive ways of promoting natural healing, our practice has a solution.

Understanding Holistic Medicine

When you sit down with our team for an initial evaluation, we take the time to ask the essential questions about your current situation and your overall lifestyle. We learn as much as we can about the health problems you are facing, and focus on treating the illness directly, rather than the symptoms.

A naturopathic doctor focuses on treating the whole person, an approach that starts with a commitment to preventative care. Start a conversation with our team and start making empowered choices when it comes to your healthcare outcomes.