About Dr. Dyler

Dr. Shaun Dyler, ND, L.AcDr. Dyler is a primary care naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist with over 30 years of experience in helping individuals achieve better health. Doctor Dyler truly embraces the concept of holistic healing and realizes and addresses mind, body, and spirit. Well versed in integrative medicine, Dr. Dyler will use an approach that works best for the individual. In other words, medications have their place, but diet, exercise, nutrition, and counseling are fundamental to achieve long term well-being. Dr. Dyler is a Christian and firmly believes in the power of prayer to transform lives. People of all backgrounds, religions, and even atheists are welcome to receive prayer with Dr. Dyler, or they can respectfully decline.

Dr. Dyler’s specialties include food and environmental sensitivity management and treatment, pain management, and sports injuries. Dr. Dyler also does some cosmetic procedures such as laser nail fungal treatment as well as PRP facials with and without Botox.