Laser Nail Fungal Treatment in Tigard, OR

Nail fungus is a pervasive infection that is very difficult to treat with over-the-counter remedies. Although the infection is mostly a cosmetic annoyance, nails can become tender and fungus can get into the nail bed and can even enter the bloodstream.

Success Rate

FootTopical antifungal medications are ineffective because they do not penetrate deep enough in order to eradicate the fungus. Topical medications have about a 10% success rate and oral medicines have about a 30% success rate.

According to different studies, laser treatment is effective for treating the toenail fungal infections with around an 80% success rate. The procedure continues for the duration of 10-20 minutes without any downside.

Most people will need three treatments and occasionally more to eradicate the fungus and be happy and confident at the beach.

About Dr. Dyler

Dr. Dyler has treated several hundred cases with a success rate of about 90%. Dr. Dyler also makes it affordable for everyone.